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     IRC BOTs are pretty intensive and most systems and networks ban them.
     In an experiment conducted in 1996 on this system, we allowed users
     to compile and run their bots.  The result was hundreds of megs of
     disk space became occupied because each user insisted on having their
     own version of eggdrop uncompressed and untarred in their home directory.
     All physical memory was in use as ~45 eggdrop processes were running
     concurrently.  The system was basically USELESS and it took 1.5 hours
     to login if you were patient enough (even from the system console).

     The ARPA members called a vote on the issue and the result was almost
     a resounding unanimous NO.

     However, there are times when running a bot is useful, for instance 
     keeping a channel open, providing information or just logging a 
     channel.  Basically the bot policy here is a bit relaxed for MetaARPA
     members.  Common sense is the rule.  As long as you aren't running
     a harmful process, such as a hijack bot, warez bot or connecting to
     a server that does not allow bots, then you may run a bot process.


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