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     Yes, there are several ways to interact (chat) in real time
     with users locally:

       write   - links and displays text on a specified user's TTY
                 (commands cannot be sent to the user's TTY)
         msg   - send messages between users on local or remote SDF servers
                 Also will email messages if a user is not logged in.
     commode   - SDF's official interactive chat system (local and remote)
         irc   - irc.freeshell.org 6667 (SSL via port 6697)

     For passive communication there are also several ways to interact 
     in threaded discussions locally:

       notes   - send a message to a user to be displayed at login
      bboard   - SDF's official bulletin board system
      usenet   - sdf.* are local groups accessible via rn/trn/tin/pine
                 emacs rnews, slrn and other NNTP readers
    webforum   - Part of the secure webmail system which is accessible
                 via https://wm.sdf.org/bbs
  sdf-jp.org   - SDF's Japanese site with its own webforum which supports
                 the Japanese language input method.
  sdfclub.cn   - (external site) A Chinese language webforum


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