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     The SDF DIALUP/ISDN PPP Membership is a Nationwide (USA + Canada) MODEM
     network consisting of over 10,000+ telephone numbers.  This is a shared
     network of 'alliance partners' that allow SDF to have the maximum 
     AREA Code/Exchange coverage for the cheapest price.

     This allows you to internetwork your computer using Point to Point
     Protocol (PPP) at v.92 (typically 52000 bits per second).  Digital
     service via ISDN (64kb and 128kb) is available in most cities.

     There no setup fees, contract term limits .. infact, you'll get a
     discount if you prepay your dues for 3 or more months!

     Any computer that supports PPP can be used, no matter what Operating
     System is being used.  This includes, but is not limited to the 
     following operating systems:

          * MACOS 7.5 - X
          * NetBSD/FreeBSD 
          * System V R4
          * MS DOS 3.10 (see http://www.fdisk.com)
          * OS/2
          * BeOS
          * Windows (all 500+ versions of it)
          * Various cellphones, PDAs and GPRS devices


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