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     There are over 10,000 DIALUP/ISDN numbers Nationwide and Canada.
     You can use *ANY* number you wish, so its perfect for people
     who travel. 

     Most numbers are v.92, which means you can most likely connect
     anywhere between 52000 bps and 56000 bps if your modem/serial
     port supports that data rate.  Bit rates as low as 1200 are
     supported if your hardware requires that.  ISDN connections
     support 64000 bps per B channel. 

     If you want to be really geeky about your connectivity, 'getdialup'
     provides you with the DIALUP NETWORK you would be gaining access to.
     Here are a list of the two letter acronyms and who the represent.

            ALERON          te
            QWEST           qw
            UUNET           uu/u3
            WORLDNET        wn  
            ELI             el
            O1 COMM         o1
            CP WS           cp
            LEVEL 3         l3
            FULLNET         n1
            SPRINT          n3
            WISPNET         n5
            GRANDE COMM     tx
            STARNET         st
            PACWEST         pw
            CORETEL         ct
            BITWISE         bw


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