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     There are SO MANY mail readers, its unbelievable.  Many share
     the same functionality, interface and commands .. pointless!!

     mailx     System 7 standard mail client.  Very minimal, but
               quick and useful.  You could use it from a teletype.

     rmail     (emacs -f rmail) East Coast mail / babyl reader

     pine      West Coast mail reader.  Actually incorporates MM
               (from TOPS-20) as its core, though you'd probably
               never know that.  Slow, but user friendly.

     alpine    A complete recode of pine.  Supposed to fix all of
               pines problems but probably just makes new ones.
     nail      A very simple mail reader and processor.

     elm       A simple and easy mail reader.  Though, has a tendancy
               to barf on MIME encoded attachments.

     mutt      A stripped down version of elm, but with better
               support for MIME encoded attachments.

     pop3      your POP3 mail server is 'mx.sdf.org'
               (NOTE, there is no SMTP support here, no relaying
                from unknown and non-local networks).

     procmail  this can be used for filtering incoming mail and
               doing what you will with it.  fairly powerful.


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