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     It's OK, your email has probably been sorted by the email client or
     protocol you have used to read your email.  First be sure that you
     are looking on the right group of machines.  If you are using webmail
     on the SDF cluster, the URL you use is https://mx.sdf.org.  If you are
     using webmail on the SDF MetaArray, the URL you use is https://ma.sdf.org.

     Some quick places to check for your email on those groups of machines
     at the shell would be:

     Traditionally your email is received and stored in what is called a
     'spool file'.  This file is defined by the $MAIL environment variable.

     'mail', 'mailx', 'mutt', 'elm' and such always read mail from that
     defined location unless told otherwise.

     However, programs such as 'pine' and 'alpine' insist on moving your
     email out of the spool and into your home directory.  This is their
     default behaviour and can be confusing to new users.  They use the
     'IMAP' or Internet Message Access Protocol.  The webmail system also
     uses IMAP.  It does have its advantages once you get over the shock 
     of thinking you've lost your email.  You haven't though, IMAP thinks
     it has improved things for you and maybe you'll feel that way someday.


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