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     DEATHMATCH style games got their start in the late 1960's with
     SPACEWAR.  HUNT is essentially a 2D multiuser maze game where
     the goals are:  Blow up your friends and avoid being blown up
     yourself.  Its not as complicated as it seems.

     Movement keys are:
                           H   L
     These are known as 'VI' keys and apply to most games.  To fire a
     charge at an opponent, you must be heading in that direction. Use
     the SHIFT key and a VI key to change direction.

     There are a number of ways to kill other players.  You can use
     single shots, grenades, satchel bombs and slimes.  These are all
     documented in the man page.  But to get you started, '1' will fire
     a single shot, '2' a grenade and so on.

     For more information, read the manual page 'man hunt' 


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