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     Dynamic DNS is basically an answer to someone who always wants
     'xyz.com' to map to a changing IP address.  Since there are a
     limited number of IP addresses available, many providers will
     assign their dialup, ISDN, DSL and cable subscribers an IP address
     taken from a pool of addresses that will only be assigned to them
     for the duration of their session.  If your session is dropped or
     you reset your connection, you have a chance of losing your IP 

     By using dynamic updates, you can tell SDF your new IP address as 
     soon as you are assigned one and SDF will begin resolving your
     MDNS hostname to your IP.

     The default for mdns and currently what we offer our users is:

     login.mdns.org - where login is your username.  

     You can run whatever services you wish to run on your host, keeping in
     mind that you are bound not by SDF's AUP, but rather, your ISP's AUP.


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