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The best way to donate or to pay dues is to use PAYPAL.COM.  The contact
address via PAYPAL is 'paypal@freeshell.org'  For the land mail address,
go to the bottom of this file or type 'address' at the shell.

Here is a break down of the SDF donation schedule.

These are SUGGESTED amounts voted upon by the ARPA membership.
In order to receive your premium, you must donate the suggested
amount at the very least.

FREE Default Shell (users)
 . Access to email (elm/mutt/pine/mailx) OR pop3
 . Local chat (com/send/bboard)
 . Choice of UNIX shell
 . Hundreds of shell utilities, games and programs
 . Network utilities: ping, finger, whois, traceroute
 . 20 MB disk quota for your email
 . 20 MB disk quota for your home directory
 . 20 MB disk quota for your webspace (yourlogin.freeshell.org)
 . 20 MB disk quota for your gopherspace
(Inbound ssh, ftp and sftp access is available after validation)

$36 (one time initiation fee) LIFETIME ARPA Membership (arpa)
 . Use of ARPA utilities (telnet/rlogin/ftp/nslookup)
 . Use of Supplementary network utilities (ssh/irc/tf)
 . Use of System Development Kit (gcc/g++/f77/perl/python)
 . 150 MB / 1 file quota for your email
 . 150 MB / 5000 file quota for your home directory
 . 150 MB / 5000 file quota for your webspace
 . 150 MB / 5000 file quota for your gopherspace

$10 MONTHLY DIALUP (user/arpa)
 . PPP (network) or UNIX login
 . 1200bps to 52000bps analogue
 . 64kbps to 128kbps ISDN
 . Outbound SMTP access
 . access all over the US and Canada

DSL (user/arpa)
 . dues vary by location
 . 256kbps - 7mbit ADSL
 . SMTP auth access (via 'setdialup')
 . dialup access (for emergency use)

$20 ANNUAL DNS (arpa)
 . direct access to your dns database
 . secondary served on a seperate network
 . we handle 'soa' so you don't have to
 . access to all other record types
 . updates incorporated every 2 hours evenly

$20 ANNUAL VPM (arpa)
 . 20 vpm (virtual pop3 mailboxes)
 . smtp access via AUTH or IP

$15 ANNUAL REGIS (arpa)
 . Domain registration
 . Includes the DNS membership
 . VHOSTers who pay their dues annually get domain
   registration in com, net and org for free

$5 - $20 MONTHLY VHOST (arpa)
 . dns for 'yourdomain.anything'
 . 100mb to 1000mb daily transfer quota
 . direct access to your html
 . mail service, autoresponse & procmail
 . private accesslog w/ monthly reports
 . SQL database access
 . domain registration with annually paid dues

   VHOST membership quota tiers:
              $5/mo    100mb daily
              $10/mo   250mb quota
              $14/mo   500mb quota
              $20/mo   1000mb quota

 . allows you to point an additional domain
   name to an existing VHOST membership
 . DNS+VPM memberships are included

$30 ANNUAL DBA (arpa)
 . MySQL database access
 . 100mb quota + all modules
 . php and cgi accessible

 . ability to run a server (mud, moo, irc)
 . background process on private server
 . access to compiler & crontab

$20 ANNUAL TWEAK (arpa)
 . ability to modify your 600mb quota
 . 100mb for each additional tweak membership

$30 ANNUAL MLIST (arpa)
 . ability to run a list of up to 500 members
 . mailing list archiving and digesting
 . direct management of your list
 . configuration via 'mkvlist'

$36 ANNUAL MetaARPA (arpa)
 . trusted, card carrying ARPA member
 . addtional development tools (clisp/ecl/git/jikes/kaffe/rails/scheme)
 . cron jobs managed via 'mkcron'
 . user group/access list via 'setgrp'
 . ssh tunnel/forwarding w/ alt port
 . dynamic domain nameservice (mdns.org)
 . ability to toggle email addresses via 'setvmail'
 . ability to run 'screen' for non-bot purposes.
 . 200 MB / 1 file quota for your email
 . 200 MB / 15000 file quota for your home directory
 . 200 MB / 15000 file quota for your webspace
 . 200 MB / 15000 file quota for your gopherspace


You can send cash (USD, YEN or EUR), cheque or a money order to:

SDF Public Access UNIX System
PO Box 17355
Seattle WA 98127




(INTERNATIONAL users, use an 'international money order' from your bank)


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