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     Membership dues reminders are sent to your SDF email address on the
     first of every month or the month of your membership anniversary.
     Membership dues are due on the 1st of the month and will be marked
     as past due by the 15th.  If you join a membership after the 15th of
     the month, you will be given a credit of up to two weeks so that your
     due date will be on the 1st of the month.  Memberships are not removed
     automatically.  If you decided to remove a membership follow the 
     instructions in the email you receive when your dues are due.

     You are welcome to check the status of your DUES at anytime by typing
     'dues'.  It will list your current memberships, the dues and when those
     dues are due.  Also, if your account is PAST DUE, 'dues' will display
     each time you login to the system.

     When paying your dues, please be sure to clearly state the following

          1.  your login (user id)
          2.  your membership level
          3.  domain name (VPM/DNS/VHOST only)
          4.  period (ie, for Apr-May)

     Thank you for supporting SDF!


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