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     This commands are available to ARPA members.  However, if you have not
     activiated your extended membership (by paying membership dues) then
     you will only get to 'play' with these commands.  ;-)

     mdns     MetaARPA   Update your dynamic DNS
     mkcron   MetaARPA   Manage your cron jobs
     setvmail MetaARPA   Toggle domains you want to use for mail
     setgrp   MetaARPA   Add/Remove users from your access list
     mkgopher all        Initialise and manage your gopherspace
     mkhomepg users      Initialise and manage your webspace
     mkvhost  ARPA       Manage your webspace / DNS for your domain (VHOST/DNS)
     mkvlist  ARPA       Manage your mailing lists
     mkvpm    ARPA       Manage your virtual POP3 mailboxes (VHOST/VPM)
     mysql    ARPA       Login to your mysql database (DBA)
     tweak    ARPA       Adjust and increase your disk quota (TWEAK)


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