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     The following is meant to be a generic setup which should work on
     most UNIX systems.  If you have a non-UNIX setup, you might have
     to try some experimentation on your own or ask on the bboard.

     First of all, you must have the following:

     1.  Are you running X11R6 on your computer?
     2.  If you are firewall or NATed, do you have ports 6000-6063 open
         and forwarded to your computer's IP address?
     3.  Do you have an SSH client?
     4.  Do you have SDF MetaARPA membership?

     If you answered no to any of these, you cannot proceed.

     1.  Start your X11R6 server on your computer if you haven't already
         done so.  Type 'X' or 'startx' at your local shell prompt.
     2.  Type 'xhost +' at your shell.  
     3.  ssh -X -p443 YOURLOGIN@tty.freeshell.org
     4.  Once logged into an SDF machine, type 'export DISPLAY=$MYIP:0.0
         (Check that 'MYIP' is set, if it is not, then set it to your
         IP address or the IP of the NATing router.)
     5.  Type 'xeyes' and knock yourself out.

     If you've run into any snags, double check your configuration.  If
     you still need help, then try asking for help on the 'bboard'.


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