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     Project TWENEX is a microcosm of the Free Software Movement and is
     comprised wholey of SDF members.  The idea is to create a central
     catalogue of software for use on SDF and other systems.  While 
     there are no platform restrictions, it is required that all software
     is free of the restrictions of Open Source and other licenses.

     Why TWENEX? Because this is about HACKING and TWENEX (as well as
     other systems and the communities built around them) were always
     about HACKING.  Its meant to be used reverently, with respect 
     to those who worked on the PDP-8, PDP-10, Multics, LISPM(s) and
     other interesting computers.  It is also meant as a history lesson
     to show the misguided that real HACKERS care about people and do
     not participate in criminal or malicious activities.

     You can become involved by writing free software.  If you are a
     MetaARPA member on SDF, you can install your own software in the
     appropriate directories so all users can benefit.  If you don't
     program so well, you can participate by critiquing software from
     a user's point of view.  

     For now, the official site is http://twenex.net.  This is the portal
     to the catalogue, source and comments.  As well, all software 
     associated with the project is kept in /sys/sdf.  There is a BBOARD
     named 'TWENEX' for members to communicate and make announcements.


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