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     MetaARPA members have the priviledge of being able to install and
     maintain their own software for others of the SDF community to use.
     This is the 'UNIX' side of project TWENEX (a web based gallery system
     for free software presentation and distribution sponsored by the SDF).

     Basic rules:

     * the software must be free (GPL is fine)
     * the software must be documented (unix manpage preferred)
     * the software does not create conflicts (unique command name)
     * the software does not do anything malicious
     * the software does not bypass membership restrictions
     * the software does not violate sdf's AUP

     To install your software, use the prefix of '/sys/sdf' .. the hiearchy
     can be described as follows:

     /sys/sdf/bin            # the location of executables
     /sys/sdf/lib            # the location of libraries
     /sys/sdf/man            # the location of manual pages
     /sys/sdf/src            # the location of your source
     /sys/sdf/share          # the location of shared files

     Anytime a piece of software is installed or updated an announcement
     must be made in the bboard: group. 
     /sys/sdf/bin and /sys/sdf/man are *not* (by default) included in the
     user's PATH and MANPATH.  The user must willing include these directories
     in their environment.  It is strongly encouraged that these directories
     are added as last elements to the PATH and MANPATH variable.

     When placing your source in /sys/sdf/src follow these guide lines:

     * make a subdirectory in /sys/sdf/src using the name of your software.
     * create a .desc file in that directory with a ONE LINE description

     Your software will be listed using the 'twenex' command.

     If a member installs software that does intentionally violate the AUP,
     their account will be immediately suspended and possibly removed.


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