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     You can change your login password at the UNIX shell by entering the command 'maint'
     from sdf shell. This tool will log you in securely to 'ol.freeshell.org'.

     You will see the maintenance menu, looking like:

        SDF ACCOUNT MAINTENANCE INTERFACE - (use 'tty.sdf.org' for LOGIN access)
        p - change your password

     Press 'p'. The system will ask you to enter your current password and then your
     new password.

     Some suggestions for choosing a password are:

        1) Try to use non-English words
        2) use ESCAPE, CTRL or META characters along with a non-English word
        3) use numbers or special characters

     Making a good password will ensure your privacy on this system.

     When you have changed your password, you should also set up online password recovery
     while you are there:
        a - setup automatic password recovery

     When you are done, press 'q' to quit and go back to shell.


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