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     When you create an account on this system, you immediately have an
     allocation of 20 megabytes and about 500 inodes (or number of files)
     for your home directory, located in the /udd filesystem.  You also
     have a 20 megabyte allocation in /mail, /www and /ftp (for gopher). 
     Please note that the exception being /mail, which has a limited inode
     allocation of 5.  When you get a message stating you have EXCEEDED YOUR
     QUOTA this means that you either have more than 20 megabytes in your
     home directory or more than 500 files. 

     If you are going to need more disk space for a more elaborate home
     page, a lot of email or just room for archiving, you can obtain a
     150 megabyte quota (5000 files) for each of the four file systems
     by becoming an ARPA member.  Type 'arpa' at the shell.

     If you still need more inodes and space you can join the MetaARPA
     membership which will automatically triple the total number of files
     you may have, per file system (15000 inodes) and give you an additional
     50 megabyte quota (200 MB per filesystem).  Type 'meta' at the shell.

     Furthermore, you can custom tailor your disk quota by typing 
     'tweak' at the shell.  The TWEAK membership is designed for people
     who need get the most out of SDF's disk resources.  This membership
     allows you to use your standard disk allocation as a 'chunk' from
     which you can assign specific amounts to each of the four filesystems.
     For instance, if you want more space allocated for /mail than for
     your /www, you could run tweak to allocate 250mb for /mail and 50mb
     for /www, 50mb for home and 50mb for /ftp (gopher).


     A grace period is the number of days your disk use may be over its 
     limits.  In this version of NetBSD this feature DOES NOT WORK.  Please
     note that this is stated in the setquota(8) man page.  If you view
     your quota settings with the 'quota' command you will notice 'none'
     under grace if you have exceeded your disk quota.  Ideally SDF would
     like to limit this period to 5-10 days.  Remember, you are sharing a
     system with tens of thousands of other people, please be responsible.

     Most applications will exit or report an error if you exceed your 
     disk quota.  Ignorance of your current quota, quota settings or blatant
     disregard of 'EXCEEDED QUOTA' messages is no excuse.  You CAN and WILL
     lose data if you have exceeded your disk quota and do not take 
     immediate action.  As per the SDF user agreement, SDF can not be held 
     responsible for any data loss you may incur.  If you are going to use
     our disks with a close to or maxed out quota, it is highly recommend 
     that you run the 'quota' command often or put it in your .profile so 
     you will be aware of the situation.


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