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     When you run 'mkvhost' for a particular domain, you are
     told that your files reside in $HOME/html/domain.xxx
     for that particular domain.  These follow the same 
     conventions as any other directory .. you can create 
     .htpasswd/.htaccess files, index.html et cetera

     Also, its important to note if you want to host say
     'foo.com' and you also have a CNAME such as 'www.foo.com'
     you'll see that 'mkvhost' makes both a 'foo.com' and
     a 'www.foo.com' directory.

     This is fine if you want content to differ .. however,
     you probably don't.  In order to help you by not having
     to duplicate your storage, you can make one of the directories
     a symbolic link by doing the following:

     $ cd $HOME/html
     $ rm -rf www.foo.com          # be sure its empty or backed up!
     $ ln -s foo.com www.foo.com

     Now you can put all your files in the directory 'foo.com' and
     they show up when you access 'www.foo.com' as well as 'foo.com'


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