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     Main reception and redirection is handled by the 'mkvpm' command. 
     This will allow you to create POP3 mail accounts for addresses 
     associated with your domain.  You will also be able to create
     aliases so that you can have typical addresses (like sales@, 
     info@, root@ .. et cetera) forward to another address or even
     your ARPA shell account.

     Keep in mind, you must use 'mkvpm' before any email reception
     or redirection is to occur.
     'mkvpm' also lets you define a shared secret for SMTP authentication.  
      (SDF Supports the CRAM-MD5, DIGEST-MD5 and PLAIN AUTH Mechanisms)

     Once you have used the 'mkvpm' command, system updates will
     incorporate your changes every 2 hours evenly. 

     When you've created a new 'virtual pop3 mailbox' (ex user@domain.com)
     you can check your messages with these settings:

     POP3 SERVER:  mx.sdf.org
     POP3 USER:    user@yourdomain
     POP3 PASS:    yourpassword
     SMTP SERVER:  mx.sdf.org
     SMTP USER:    yourdomainname
     SMTP PASS:    secret
     AUTH TYPE:    MD5 Challenge-Response

     By default you can have up to 50 VPMs associated with each
     domain you have VHOSTed with SDF.

     'mkvpm' has six commands:

     add - adds a new email address
     del - deletes an email address
     mod - modifies the POP3 password for an email address
     aka - toggles (on/off) an alias mapped to an email address
     set - creates an SMTP AUTH secret (mandatory for SMTP service)
     all - toggles (on/off) wildcard reception to an email address

     Please note, aliases can not be deleted, they can only be toggled
     on or off with the 'aka' command.

     It is also important to note that you can not define other aliases
     if you have wildcarding enabled.  

     You can also list all of your mail files associated with your
     domain with the 'vpmstat' command.  This will list all files 
     whether they are active or inactive.
     Old or large mailboxes can be cleared out with the 'vpmclear' command.

     If you wish to access VPM mailboxes via mx.sdf.org, follow
     these steps:

     Click on 'options', then pop3 fetch mail.  Fill in the necessary
     information with your VPM username and password for the specific
     account you want to fetch.  Specify the folder you want the mail
     to go to, by default it goes to your INBOX, but you could have it
     go to a different folder.  Click 'add server'.  Now you can click
     on 'fetch' in the main menu at any time you want to check VPM mail.

     ==============SETUP EXAMPLES FOR MACOS AND WINDOWS==============

     To use SMTP AUTH with your VHOST or VPM membership, you will use
     the following information:

     SMTP server:  'mx.sdf.org' or 'sdfeu.org'
     SMTP LOGIN:   The domain name for your VHOST or VPM membership
     SMTP PASSWD:  Your secret which you have set with 'mkvpm'

     EXAMPLES for a VPM mailbox of 'bob@bob.freeshell.org' with a
     password of 'bob' and an SMTP AUTH secret of 'FUBAR':

     Apple OS X w/ Mail.APP:

     Start the Mail.APP program.
     Open preferences (CMD-,)
     Click on + to add a new account.  Fill in the followign:

             Account Type:  POP
              Description:  SDF VPM address
            Email Address:  bob@bob.freeshell.org
                Full Name:  Bob Freeshell

     Incoming Mail Server:  mx.sdf.org
                User Name:  bob@bob.freeshell.org
                 Password:  bob

     Select 'add server' ..
     Outgoing Mail Server:  mx.sdf.org
              Server Port:  25
           Authentication:  MD5 Challenge-Response
                User Name:  bob.freeshell.org 
                 Password:  FUBAR

     Microsoft OutLook and LookOut Express

     $ mkvpm set FUBAR   # where FUBAR is the SMTP password you want

     Open LookOut (or LookOut Distress)

     pop3:  mx.sdf.org
     smtp:  mx.sdf.org

     Account Name:  bob@bob.freeshell.org

     Check 'My server requires authentication" under Outgoing Mail Server
     Click Settings
     Choose "Log on using"
     Account name:  bob.freeshell.org
         Password:  FUBAR

     DO NOT Toggle on "Log on using Secure Password Authentication"


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