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     All access requests for your domain (successful and failed)
     can be found in norge:/var/log/httpd/vhosts

     You will receive a detailed summary once a month of your usage when
     the logfiles are archived (see norge:/var/log/httpd/vhosts/ARCHIVE)
     The previously archived log has a .o appended to it in the ARCHIVE
     directory, while the latest archive does not.
     Daily detailed usage stats of all VHOST members are posted on
     http://sdf.org/webstats .. select the year, then the
     month and the host for stats (norge currently hosts all VHOST members).

     The detailed monthly summary mentioned above is the aggregate of
     your daily stats in the same format.

     To get up to date stats on your site in graphical charts, check out
     the analog stats http://sdf.org/vhosts (updated every 2 hours)

     The log file has the following format using | as a delimiter:

     1. timestamp (UTC)
     2. your domain name
     3. path and file
     4. remote IP
     5. bytes xfered
     6. number of seconds spent serving the request
     7. HTTPD return code


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