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     You'll need to run a script called "mkhomepg".  In short, this script
     does the following:

         - Creates a symbolics link called "html" in your home directory.
           This points to your HTML storage area on the /www filesystem.
           This is where you keep your html, image and cgi files.
         - Set proper file permissions on your directories.
           (if you ever botch your file permissions, run 'mkhomepg -p')

     "index.html" is the file the http daemon will try to serve to clients
     requesting your URL.

     CGIs will work as long as their are compiled bins that don't require
     sockets, shell scripts or simple perl scripts.  
     A CGI can run from ANY PLACE in your html directory.

     Once you have built a page, run the "mkhomepg -a" script.  Your URL will
     then become login.freeshell.org (or if you are an ARPA member, you may
     choose from an array of host names).  The update will occur within the
     first even hour of running the command.

     If you are an ARPA member, you may also run "mkhomepg -d" to enable
     traditional UNIX directory hosting.  Then http://sdf.org/~login will
     serve files in your "public_html" directory.


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