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SDF Minecraft Servers


IRC: irc.sdf.org #minecraft / E-Mail: mc-admins

The SDF Minecraft Servers are available to all SDF Members and their guests.
SDF Members are encouraged to invite and add as many of their friends as they'd like to join in and play on the SDF Minecraft Servers.

If you are not currently an SDF member, and would like to join, please sign up here.

April 2015 Server update

The current server is a continuation of the old Craftbukkit server via Spigot. It uses a whitelist, so you will first need to add yourself and your guests to this list. After logging into your SDF account through SSH, you can use the command maint to add yourself, or your guests to the whitelist. To accomplish this you will need to select the option "manage optional account features and social networking".

SDF Minecraft Manifesto

This is the beginning of the SDF Minecraft Manifesto. Nothing here is intended as dogma, we hope to make some loose guidelines which will encourage friendly collabration. These items are open for discussion and voted upon in SDF's bboard.

- Transit Building - Roads and paths are encouraged to help prevent getting lost. Please don't build a road on or against someone else's property without their permission.

- Trench Digging - Trenches can be helpful for mining or other purposes. Too many of them can be a danger to other users. Bridges can help make these trenches safer for everyone. If you are done with a hole please fill it up.

- Home Turf - A user's respected home turf is a bordered off or simply obvious to the eye. Usually signs in front of a building or a good indication of ownership. Please don't destroy or build on another person's property without their permission.

SDF Minecraft Worlds (Spigot/Bukkit - minecraft.sdf.org:25565)


This is the most recent world. It has all the minerals right in your spawn area. It was started in April 2015

  1. Mode - Survival only
  2. Difficulty - Normal
This world was started with version 1.8.4


/mv tp sdf4 will get you there.

  1. Mode - Survival only
  2. Difficulty - Normal
This world was started with version 1.7.2


/mv tp sdf3 will get you there.

  1. Mode - Survival only
  2. Difficulty - Normal
This world was started with version 1.6


Zombies will bust down your doors here.

  1. Mode - Survival only
  2. Difficulty - Difficult


Be sure to tour this place. There are a lot of awesome builds here.

  1. Mode - Survival and Creative
  2. Difficulty - Normal


Our longest running map. This is the original map from the server's creation. Been around since July, 2011. Explore this wonderful archeological site.

  1. Mode - Survival and Creative
  2. Difficulty - Normal


Flat world sandbox. Go here to test stuff

  1. Mode - Survival and Creative
  2. Difficulty - No monsters


  1. Mode - Survival
  2. Difficulty - Normal

SDF Minecraft Tips

Helpful Commands

The following commands are available to users.

  1. /help - Main help menu.
  2. /cast <help> - List spell casting options. Warp to magic_spells to obtain spells.
  3. /colors - List all color codes available.
  4. /dynmap <show|hide> - Show or hide yourself on the map.
  5. /ec balance - Check your balance.
  6. /mvtp <world|sdf1|sdf2|sdf3|sdf4|flat_lands> - Jump to different world.
  7. /rtp <USER> - Teleport to another user. Requires the other player to accept.
  8. /warp help - Warp to different locations.
  9. /who - List who is currently playing.
  10. /tv <day|night> - Vote for a time change.
  11. /wv <sun|rain|thunder> - Vote for a weather change.
  12. /t <player> <message> - Send private messages.


The servers utilize the Bukkit plugin system. The various plugins enhance the Minecraft experience and provide useful commands in the game. Below are a few of ther plugins installed on the server. You should take note that these might not all be currently working as expected because of the recent change to Spigot.

  1. SDFEconomy - Economy support.
  2. ChestShop - Sign based shops linked to chests. Buy and sell your wares.
  3. DeadBolt - Place a [private] sign above doors and next to chests to lock them.
  4. Dynmap - A world map is generated in realtime.
  5. ecoCreature - Mobs drop money and other supplies.
  6. FixIt - Repair your items. Includes enchantments too!
  7. Motd - Use commands like /who, and /rtp <user>.
  8. MagicSpells - Cast magic spells with /cast.
  9. MultiVerse - Create and manage worlds.
  10. MyWarp - Warping for everyone. Type /warp help for details.
  11. PurpleIRC - Links game chat with IRC.
  12. Residence - Self serve area protections. See the wiki for details.
  13. Scavenger - Inventory items are restored after every death.
  14. StickyHelp - Enhanced help menu. See /help for more.
  15. TimeAndWeatherControl - Change time and weather..
  16. Whitelist - Dynamically updated via maint.

Other Helpful Links

  1. Minecraft Homepage
  2. Minecraftopia

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