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E-Mail Blacklist Issues

Because SDF is a public unix, there are many users, and many emails being sent.

Sometimes, some users can get SDF into trouble with their actions, unintentional or not. When this happens, you may not be able to send emails to people at some other Internet Service Providers. You may get emails with subject Returned mail: see transcript for details including error message like the following after sending mail to these correspondees:

If this happens, aside from contacting membership on bboard REQUESTS, you can also try to get SDF off the blacklist for your emails to your correspondee.

Fill out forms for the following ISPs. you may need to create an account of your own on the target ISP so you will also be a customer. You should go ahead and represent yourself as a representative of SDF.

Stuff to know:

List of Forms and Related pages for major ISPs that may block SDF mail

Other items to check out: $Id: e-mail-blacklist-issues.html,v 1.11 2020/08/11 14:40:49 papa Exp $

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