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ed Cheat Sheet

ed is a small, powerful, line-oriented, command-line-interfaced text editor. All editors frustrate, but ed often amazes while others disappoint.

ed, man! !man ed — ed is the standard text editor.

man ed for more information.

Start ed from your shell command line:

ed file

Edit file by entering ed commands with the following syntax:


range specifies the line or block of consecutive lines (syntax: from-line,to-line) to which command is applied. Default range is the current line except where noted below with a parenthesis preceding the command syntax. Lines are specified as follows:

nline n .current $last 'cmark c
-[n]up n (default: 1) +[n]down n (default: 1) ,1,$ ;.,$
?re?previous regexp match /re/next regexp match

Input commands

aAppend after. cChange range. iInsert before. .End input mode.

Edit commands

dDelete. s/re/s/[g|n][p]Substitute.
m[line]Move after line. t[line]Copy after line.
(.,+)jJoin lines. uUndo.
(1,$)g/re/cmdsPerform cmds for all matching lines. (1,$)v/re/cmdsPerform cmds for all non-matching lines.

File commands

e [file*]Edit file. E [file*]Edit, discarding changes.
($)r [file]Read and append. f [file]Set/display file name.
(1,$)w [file*]Write. (1,$)W [file*]Append to file.
(1,$)wq [file*]Write and quit.
* In place of file, specify "!shell-command" to read/write text to shell-command standard output/input.

Display commands

pList lines. l… with unprintables. n… with numbers.
(+)z[lines]Scroll. (+)nullp

Other commands

kcMark line. ($)=Display line number. hLast error text.
!shell-commandExecute shell-command. qQuit. QQuit, discarding changes.

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