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INTERNET Game Server List and Game Information for SDF.ORG

There are several multiplayer games that you can play on SDF via the shell and clients run on your computer

xscrabble - scrabble over X11

  • any SDF server
  • info: xscrabble

    minecraft - blocky 3D craft work

  • minecraft.sdf.org
  • requires Mojang client

    Counter Strike Source - Terrorist/Counter Terrorist simulator

  • cs.sdf.org
  • requires Steam client

    Garry's Mod - Half Life 2 in a craft work world

  • gm.sdf.org
  • requires Steam client

    freeciv - Free Civilization

  • freeciv.sdf.org port 5555
  • clients and info: Freeciv Wiki

    SDF Mud (ResortMUD)

    tetrinet - Up to 6 player tetris

  • server: tetrinet.sdf.org
  • clients: http://en.tetrinet.no/tetrinet-clients-download-1.php, tetrinet at the shell
  • stats: http://tetrinet.sdf.org

    BZFlag - Battle Zone Capture The Flag

  • sdf.org port 5154
  • clients and info: http://bzflag.org

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