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SDF Privacy Policy

SDF will do its best to protect your privacy. SDF assumes that all content created on or uploaded to a user's disk space is owned by that user. No data in the user's disk space is used for analysis other than disk quota or the total amount of disk space used by the user. There is no analysis of user data for content and there are no metrics or demograhics collected, shared or sold.

Users understand that on UNIX and other multi-user operating systems run at SDF that it is commonplace that some of their activities such as being logged in, process names, readability of directories, files, information displayed by finger, temporarily file system files and other details can be viewed by other users on our systems. Users are expected to maintain their own file permissions, password protection and password strength.

Connections to SDF are logged in that the initial connection time for such services as http, pop3, ssh, ftp is recorded via the syslog utility. The content of these sessions are not logged, recorded or monitored in any way.

In the event of an investigation SDF will work with local, state and federal law enforcement when justification is presented. Queries from other networks will be followed up with and carefully checked against SDF system logs. Users are expected to abide by the SDF Acceptable Usage Policy.

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