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SDF Specific Commands

Much of this was pulled from jwodder's reference, he deserves a huge thanks for putting this list together.

Informative Commands
address prints out an address & paypal information for sending money to SDF; used by some other commands
arpa prints out information about the ARPA membership level
bbs gives information about purchasing a BBS documentary DVD set from SDF; seems to be a bit outdated
commands prints out a list of basic Unix commands; also available as "unix"
dba prints out information about the DBA membership
dialup gives information on SDF's dialup internet service
downtime displays the reason(s) for recent server downtime
dsl refers the user to http://dsl.tenex.org to find out about the availability of SDF DSL in one's area
editors displays the list of text editors from FAQ BASICS #09
faq interactive command for viewing the SDF Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers); uses the same command set as bboard
gallery lists some of the commands that users can use to contribute to the SDF galleries (see below)
games prints a list of some of the games installed on SDF
getdialup lists dialup internet services available in your area code
help a small interactive program listing useful commands from certain categories. Note that this program is located at /usr/pkg/bin/help and is not to be confused with the help command built into most shells.
how gives an overview of the types of memberships available
maxusers displays the current record for the maximum number of users logged into SDF at once
meta prints out information about the MetaARPA membership level
mil gives information on how the validation process can be waived for those on active military duty
music prints out information about purchasing the SDF music compilations
order outdated command; now consists of a pointer to the store on SDF's website
software lists the software packages available to the various membership levels
sticker prints information on obtaining an SDF bumper sticker
twenex prints out summaries of (most of) the user-contributed software in /sys/sdf/bin
unix same as commands
vhost prints out information about the VHOST membership
vpn prints out information about the VPN membership
Inter-User Communication & Social Networking
bboard bulletin board system for SDF
com (a.k.a. commode) inter-user chat system for SDF
guestbook sign or view the guestbook
happening submit an anonymous journal entry or view a random entry
helpdesk request help from & give help to other SDF users
mesg send messages to other users
notes leave urgent notes for other users
profiles set up a profile for viewing by other SDF users
Account Management Commands
addlink publish your website; invoked by mkhomepg
bksp set your backspace key
greylist toggle greylisting for your e-mail address(es) (VPM membership required)
maint change your password, shell, & contact information
mdns assign a domain name to a dynamic IP address (MetaARPA membership required); also available as "udns"
metaarray For MetaARPA members. Will first generate a random login password for your MetaArray account followed by a random database password sent via local e-mail if you have a DBA membership. If you ever forget your MetaArray password or your MetaArray MySQL password, this will reset it.
mkcron set up & manage cronjobs (MetaARPA membership required)
mkfinger control what information to display for finger requests from remote hosts
mkgopher set up a gopherspace on SDF
mkhomepg set up a website on SDF
mkvhost create & maintain DNS and/or VHOST membership features
mkvpm manage virtual POP3 mailboxes (VPM membership required)
motd manage MOTD membership
mypasswd change your MySQL password.
phlog list (or delist) your Gopher blog on SDF's registry of phlogs
reset-mysql resets your MySQL password and sends you a new one via local mail.
setdialup manage DIALUP membership
setgrp add & remove users to & from your personal group (MetaARPA membership required)
setvmail toggle e-mail addresses at various SDF domains (MetaARPA membership required)
setvpn configure your PPTP VPN login on SDF (VPN membership required)
startsql set up a MySQL database (DBA membership required)
tweak redistribute your file storage quotas (TWEAK membership required)
udns same as mdns
vpmclear clear out a virtual POP3 mailbox (VPM membership required)
Account Information
disk display filesystem usage for your home directory, mail spool, gopherspace, & webspace
domains list the SDF domains available to you for webhosting & e-mail addresses
dues give details on your membership dues
expire show how long until your account expires (pre-validated users only)
vpmstat display information about your virtual POP3 mailboxes (VPM membership required)
vpnstats view VPN usage statistics (VPN membership required)
webquota show web transfer quotas for your website
User Information
online prints the amount of time that the given user (or yourself, if none is given) has spent logged in today; does not work correctly
sentry prints notices of logins & logouts on the system
uinfo print the date & time when the given user joined SDF & the various membership levels
url print the URL at which the given SDF user's website is located
Gallery Commands
artgallery add photography & artwork to the SDF art gallery
astrogallery add astronomical photographs to the astro gallery
deskshots add a picture of your computer desktop to the deskshots gallery
patches add pictures of SDF 20^th anniversary patches to the patches gallery
sdfers add a picture of yourself to the SDF member photos gallery
stickers add pictures of SDF stickers to the SDF stickers gallery
vintage add a picture of a vintage computer to the vintage computers gallery
due (delete, undelete, expunge) two-step file deletion for Unix machines. Currently, this program does not actually seem to be installed, but its source is available in /sys/sdf/src/due.
freeirc allows non-ARPA members to use IRC on the weekend
game-review submit a review for a game on ascii-games.org
instruct manage student shell accounts (INSTRUCTOR membership required)
mkgallery produce a thumbnail gallery page for the given images
mud telnet to SDFmud
nospam defers obvious spam messages to separate files; run nospam -i for more information
oneliner print a random line by another SDF member, or add your own
pledge pledge money to the SDF Public Access UNIX System
psh the restricted shell used by pre-validated SDF accounts
quote display the current price for a given stock; does not seem to currently be working properly
smj print a random quote from the SDF sysadmin
surl SDF's URL shortening service
teach fill out a survey about virtual classes taught on SDF machines
thxmoo a MOO based around the world of THX-1138
uinfo account information for a given user or yourself
upload wrapper around rz for uploading files
url show the url for yourself or a given user
vote vote on a currently open SDF ballot (ARPA membership required)

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