[ SDF Public Access UNIX System .. Est. 1987 ]

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SDF VoIP Extension Directory

  • SDF's C*NET NXX is 333 (ex. +1-333-1004 connects you with our Milliwatt)
  • For listings that have enabled 'Direct VoIP' dial extension (@) sip.sdf.org
  • Please note that making unsolicited calls may be considered rude

    Test and Service Extensions

    1001internalDate and Time UTCYES
    1002internalLinear Sine Test from 16Hz to 20kHzYES
    1003internalExponential Sine Test from 16Hz to 20kHzYES
    1004internalMilliwatt (1004Hz @ 0dB)YES
    1005internalEcho Response Test (USA)YES
    1006internalCQ SerenadeYES
    1009internalIVR Adventure GameYES
    1026internal2600Hz @ 0dBYES
    1030internalMusic on HoldYES
    1085internalVoice Mail SystemYES
    1086internalConference Bridge (no mute)YES
    1088internalConference Bridge (Press #1 to toggle mute)YES
    1929internalC*NET GatewayYES
    5004internalMilliwatt (1004Hz @ 0dB) (EU)YES
    5005internalEcho Response Test (EU)YES
    5085internalVoice Mail System (EU)YES
    5088internalConference Bridge (EU) (Press #1 to toggle mute)YES

    Subscriber Extension Directory

    ExtensionUTC +/- OffsetSubscriberDescriptionUnsolicited CallsDirect VoIP
    1100-08:00smjNokia e70 S60YESYES
    1057-06:00jebug29X-Lite for WindowsYESYES
    1058-05:00adamdLinphone on LinuxYESYES
    1066-07:00shufeiBlink, LinphoneYESYES
    1084-04:00benharribuiltin android clientYESYES
    1101-07:00brNokia N900, EkigaYES
    1103+00:00yargolinphone, Twinkle, etcYES
    1106-06:00eceliscsipsimple, ekigaYES
    1112-08:00anthonygNexus S, LinphoneYESYES
    1118+01:00vosivarious clientsYES
    1119-05:00carbineAastra 9133iYES
    1120-05:00bbAsterisk 1.6YES
    1121+00:00jonesVarious ClientsYES
    1127-08:00alancfVarious ClientsYES
    1132-05:00tgs60 / BlinkYES
    1134-05:00slugmaxGrandstream GXP2000YES
    1139-05:00xcitorBlink SIP Client, HT-502 ATAYESYES
    1140+01:00wyaniPad, Nexus OneYES
    1146+11:00thomaskNokia E63YES
    1155-09:00ta2linphone on iPhoneYESYES
    1165-04:00amrowsellPixel 2 XL, Jami on LinuxYESYES
    1166-05:00grobe0baBria on iOS/CSipSimple on Android, via FreeSwitch PBXYES
    1192-07:00nbladeCSipSimple on AndroidYESYES
    1225-05:00bacAastra 9133iYES
    1291+08:00yupengspeedtouch st780wlYESYES
    1313+00:00nicknickGrandstream GXP2100YESYES
    1343+02:00tishoLinphone on AndroidYESYES
    1366-07:00dbkNokia N900 & softphone(s)YESYES
    1388+00:00irlAsterisk (using FreePBX)YESYES
    1423-08:00ladamsCisco 7960GYESYES
    1460-08:00weevieGrandstream Handytone 286, Jitsi, BlinkYES YES
    1483-08:00quintinObihai OBi1062YES YES
    1504-06:00overlandPirelli DP-L10YES
    1517-05:00epl692Grandstream HT503YES YES
    1542-05:00handycLinphoneYES YES
    1556-05:00cridironPolycom SountPoint IP 650, Softphone on iOSYESYES
    1572-05:00hobbscGrandstream DP250/270, Linphone, Cortelco 2500 via Grandstream HT801YES YES
    1584-05:00kiNexus 5, VDV23YESYES
    1605+01:00beniThis on a FritzBoxYESYES
    1632+00:00hugh.mayfieldVarious clients on GNU/Linux and ReplicantYESYES
    1662-07:00slunkyBlink, Bria, Hacked VDV23YESYES
    1679-04:00michaeldavisCisco 303YES
    1688-06:00dbvelezLinphone iPhone 5sYES
    1692-08:00nydelblink, Linphone iPhone4sYESYES
    1739-06:00jasmazGrandstream HT286YES
    1770-04:00celbaresip, LinphoneYESYES
    1794-06:00jwhJami on Win10YES YES
    1797-04:00snowduskGrandstream HandyTone-496YESYES
    1799-04:00robmusialVarious for GNU/Linux, BSD, and othersYESYES
    1821-05:00joshua.mLinphone for Android/Linux and MicroSIP for WindowsYESYES
    1897-05:00tomasinoGoogle Pixel, native Android clientYESYES
    1908-06:00mnwDesktop and Grandstream GS-HT802 ATA(I have a DID too)YESYES
    1912-08:00shriverAvocado Green Western Electric Model 500YES
    1913-05:00zelbriumTelephone on MacYES
    1999+10:00catCisco SPA112 and various Australian phonesYESYES
    2019+01:00knjSony native Android clientYESYES
    2037-05:00junkmanPanasonic PBX+TVS50 Voice Processing SystemYESYES
    2067-06:00jnsbellsouth millenial payphoneYESYES
    2096-05:00drelcottCortelco 2500 via Obi200YESYES
    2085-05:00agkLinphone on AndroidYESYES
    2156-05:00guofuSipnetic on AndroidYESYES
    2157-06:00kd5njrLinphone on iOSYESYES
    2191-05:00johnmPixel 4 Native ClientYESYES
    2206-05:00tsuiBaresip+ on AndroidYESYES
    2219-04:00fdduranSipnetic on AndroidYESYES
    2231-05:00dirtyrigGrandstream HT801 ATA - Whole house phone systemYESYES
    2291-08:00matienzoOBi2182 and various softphonesYESYES

    Totally 80s Rewind

    Whether it's playing vintage computer games or listening to classic record albums, the meteoric rise of technology is what made the 1980s so transformative. From personal computers to answering machines and arcade cabinets to Walkmans, Living Computers set out to recreate a day in the life of an 80s teenager with Totally 80s Rewind.

    Want to call the 80s?
    The Bit Zone payphone    (425) 256-7525
    The basement desk phone  (425) 256-7518

    Private Phone Museum Access

    smj and jgw visited a private phone collection, pictures can be seen here. Want to call that switch? Dial 1929 from SDF VoIP then dial any of these:

    1-377 -1111     Welcome msg, and General Switch Info
    1-377 -2525     Asterisk Time Of Day
    1-377 -5000     Common Line in Garage.
    1-377 -51xx     120 Ipm tone. All Ckts busy
    1-377 -5244     Rings no Phone  24 x 7
    1-377 -5252     General Telephone Number
    1-377 -5299     Always busy. 60 IPM     24x7
    1-377 -5521     1a2 SWFR 3      24 x 7
    1-377 -5531     SWFR # 5        24 x 7
    1-377 -5536     REAR OF SWFR #4 24 x 7
    1-377 -5555     Central office Telephone number 24 x 7
    1-377 -5575     Trimline on SWFR #5 24 x 7
    1-377 -5611     211 Set mounted on side of #24 Testboard 24 x 
    1-377 -5627     Rings no phone 24 x 7
    1-377 -5845     Vac Number Intercept 24 x 7
    1-377 -5870     Ring, no phone. 24 x 7
    1-377 -5888     PATTIS WORK ROOM (code Ring) 24 x 7
    1-377 -5911     Tst line on workbench  24 x 7
    1-377 -7777     Live Listen In Line to switchroom. (NOT A RECORDING) 24 x 7
    1-377 -9901     W E 1C1 Payphone out side of Central Office 24 x 7

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