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SDF Minecraft Survival Checklist

This tutorial is intended for new Minecraft players trying the game for the first time. It assumes you are playing on one of the SDF Minecraft server worlds in survival mode, though much of the guidance will also be applicable to other Minecraft servers and to creative mode.


  1. Download and install Minecraft Launcher
  2. Register a Minecraft user ID
  3. Purchase a Minecraft Multiuser license
  4. Add your ID to the SDF Minecraft whitelist

Connecting to the Minecraft Server

  1. Start Minecraft launcher
  2. Create a profile with your Minecraft user ID

    (For now, specify server version 1.8. If you also want to connect to servers that have alredy upgraded to version 1.9, create a separate profile.)

  3. Click "Play" button to launch Minecraft client
  4. Create an entry for the SDF server
  5. Connect to the server

First Steps

  1. (Optional) Teleport to the world you want to play in: /mvtp <world>1 ("MultiVerse TelePort")

    The first time you connect to the SDF Minecraft server, you will be deposited in the default world, SDF5, but you are free to play in any of the worlds hosted here. See [Worlds section of MC page].

  2. Basic controls
    Change facing directionMouse
    Move forward/backward/left/rightW/S/A/D keys
    Jump/climb/swim upwardSpace bar
    Break block/attack mobLeft mouse button
    Place block/use objectRight mouse button
    Open inventory displayE key
    Select object in hand1-9 keys or mouse wheel
    Game menu/close displayEsc key

Surviving Your First Day

In Minecraft, many wonders beckon to be explored, but the day is short, and the night is long2 and full of monsters! So in survival mode, protecting yourself is the first order of business.

Start by gathering basic resources, crafting simple tools, and building your first shelter.

  1. Collect 5 blocks of wood

    Find a tree and attack the trunk blocks. You will have to punch3 the block for a few seconds, but it will eventually break and fall to the ground. Move over the fallen block to collect it into your inventory.

  2. Craft planks from your wood blocks

    Open your inventory display, drop your 3 wood blocks into one of the spaces in the 2x2 crafting area, and turn all the blocks into wood planks (you should get 12 planks).

  3. Craft a crafting table

    Keep your inventory display open, drop 1 plank in each of the 4 spaces in the 2x2 crafting area, and make a crafting table.

  4. Place your crafting table

    Make sure the crafting table is in one of your ___ slots, then close your inventory display and place the crafting table on any nearby open ground block.

  5. Craft 4 sticks from wood planks

    Open your crafting table4, drop 2 planks in the crafting area [recipe? link?], and make 4 sticks.

  6. Craft a wood pick

    In your crafting table drop 3 planks and 2 [recipe? link?], and make a wood pick.

  7. Craft 3 wood doors

    In your crafting table drop 6 planks [recipe? link?] and make 3 wood doors5.

  8. Break your crafting table and pick it up. You will use it again once you've made your first shelter.
  9. Search for fuel

    Your next steps will depend on your surroundings in the Minecraft world. The most convenient form of fuel is coal, which can often be found in exposed veins on the surface. Look for mountains, hills, or rock outcroppings. You can also search well-lit cave entrances, but do not venture into the dark interior until you are equipped.

    Watch the sun's position to keep track of time. Break-off the search and make a shelter before it gets dark.

If you find an exposed coal vein ...

  1. Collect coal by breaking the blocks with your pick and picking up the coal lumps. You need at least 1 lump, but you may as well take the entire vein as long as you have daylight.
  2. Carve out your first shelter

    A rock outcropping, hillside, cliffside, or cave entrance is a good place for your first shelter. Nothing fancy, but a quickly constructed safe place to spend the night.

The Rest of Your Minecraft Life

Advanced Tricks

creep, run

Community / Getting Help


  1. The Minecraft display will switch to the command console when you press "/".
  2. Minecraft day and night are both ten minutes long by default, but the night seems long when there is a horde of zombies converging on you!
  3. Using an axe will break wood blocks more quickly. Craft one once you have a safe shelter. See ___.
  4. You may also use the crafting area in your inventory display. The only difference between the inventory crafting area and a crafting table is size (2x2 versus 3x3). Crafting recipes that fit in a 2x2 grid can be used in the inventory crafting area as well as in a crafting table.
  5. You actually only need 1 door, but 3 is the smallest number you can make.
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