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Software Packages on SDF by Category

Software Packages on SDF by Category

This page is intended to present the many, many software packages & programs currently installed on SDF, sorted into categories for ease of reference. New users can refer to this file when trying to find programs, and even long-time SDFers can possibly discover something new here.

Note that this list is not expected to contain every single package currently installed. For a complete list of packages on SDF, see here. For a complete list of software that could be installed see here. Software requests are made by making a post on the 'bboard' board.

Programs marked "ARPA", "MetaARPA", "DBA", or similar can only be run by users with the specified membership level.

Note: If you are planning on adding to this file, you are advised to follow the recommendations below.

Text Editors

Binary File Editors

E-mail Clients

Mail-Processing & Other Mail-Related Programs


Filesystem Utilities

File Processing & Filtering

Web Browsers


File Transfer & Retrieval Programs

Network Utilities

Remote Networking

Chat-System Clients

Inter-user Communication Software

User Information

System Information

Process Information & Control


Programming Language Interpreters & Virtual Machines

Version Control Systems

Miscellaneous Software Development Programs

Encryption & Cryptography Programs

File Format Converters (non-image)

File Archival & Compression Utilities

File Encoding

File Managers


XML Processing Programs

Text File Pagers



(Things otherwise classified as games but without a goal or in which the user doesn't really do anything)

Game Interpreters & Clients

Mathematical & Statistical Programs

Image Creation, Conversion, & Manipulation


Productivity & Reminder Software

X11 Programs

(MetaARPA membership required)

Database Programs

Feed Readers

Terminal Management Programs

Information & Help

Finding Files & Programs

Guidelines for Maintaining This File

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