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VPS membership tiers

The VPS membership is broken down into several membership tiers
which allow you to scale your usage as you need it. Quotas are reset
at 00:00:00 UTC daily.

Membership Dues Memory Disk Daily Quota Comments
$7/mo, $60/year 128MB 5GB (per OS) 250MB entry level membership
$14/mo, $112/year 256MB 5GB (per OS) 500MB regular membership
$28/mo, $224/year 512MB 5GB (per OS) 1GB maximum quota

Additional disks may be purchased in 1, 3 or 5 GB increments

Additional Dues Disk Size
$1/mo, $12/year 1GB
$3/mo, $36/year 3GB
$5/mo, $60/year 5GB

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