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Introduction: xscrabble at SDF

xscrabble is scrabble over X11. This will cover the basic steps on setting up xscrabble over SSH on SDF.

xscrabble is an X11 application, and requires the MetaARPA membership level for running X applications on SDF.

xscrabble is started by the Dungeon Master (DM). The DM will also be a player. The DM controls how many players participate, and configures the parameters of the game. Players who wish to join a game must allow the DM to send an X client to the local X server (the X server that is running on the player's local machine).

Players must be aware of this, and the potential nuisance/safety issues. Like so many things in life, play with people you trust.

The instructions below will cover the general steps for the players and the DM to begin playing xscrabble.

Everybody do this first


DM Add Access
DM Add Players

After the game

After the game is complete, the players should revoke the DM's access to the X server. Players should run xauth remove iceland/unix:12 where iceland/unix:12 is the display name of the cookie information.

DMs should remove their access to the player's X server by running the same command for every cookie information they received: xauth remove iceland/unix:12.

Both players and DM can remove the xauth file to ensure the revocation: rm ~/.Xauthority. The xuath information will be recreated when logging back into SDF.


This tutorial is far from complete. Wanna make it better? Edit it!

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