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SDF Plan 9 Boot Camp Registration

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Boot Camp Basics

  • Current Camp: Winter 2024 runs February 9th through March 19th 2024
  • Orientation Livestream: "Tea Note I" Sunday, February 11th at 11:30AM PT https://twitch.tv/sdfpubnix
  • Registration is always open and FREE (donations to SDF are appreciated)
  • There are self guided activities and live stream events on Sundays (archived on https://toobnix.org)
  • Challenges with point scoring and a prize (Lenovo ThinkPad T500 and rPi zero w running 9front)
  • Access your permanent account to https://9p.sdf.org
  • Requirements: Ability to run the drawterm terminal client with access to three buttoned mouse

    What is Plan 9?

  • Plan 9 is a research UNIX-like operating system which addresses the shortcomings of UNIX and Linux
  • It may feel familiarly strange at first, but its new ideas, cleaner implementation makes it refreshing
  • As of March 23rd, 2021 Plan 9 is now available under MIT License

    Why we need a Plan 9 Boot Camp

  • Plan 9 is currently being developed
  • Plan 9 could be for you
  • Plan 9 wants a network
  • Plan 9 wants to be distributed
  • Plan 9 wants a community

    Help with Plan 9 at SDF

  • The user contributed tutorials: https://wiki.sdf.org
    SDF runs and supports the community driven plan9front Edition of Plan 9