About URL Russian Roulette

This random URL generator selects from thousands of the member hosted sites on SDF. Fortunately it does a good job at not repeating sites and proves to be hours of enjoyment/wastement. If this is your first time playing, click on the site listed after URL: up above to get started once you have read this page. If you have a browser with caching disabled you'll get the best results when you reload (if you use safari, you have to play around with debug settings). In some cases, its just easier to click on the URL/address field and hit the [RETURN] key if an F5 or COMMAND-R fails for you.

How ranking works: - negative - no content, poorly maintained (broken links), boring + positive - good layout, interesting content or would visit again
Sites that consistently receive a very poor ranking will be automatically removed from the random URL generator for about 30 days. Those sites will then later be reintroduced with their initial score reset to '0'. Hopefully this will not only motivate the authoring of better sites, but save you a bit of the old boredom. Only publically listed sites are available in the roulette chamber. If you want to add or remove your site, please use 'mkhomepg -a' at the shell. Note, removable means it can be removed from the roulette chamber, but not from the configuration of the SDF webservers (don't freak out!).

(look up the stats on a site)