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October 29th, 2018 - Welcome to Abbub's Home Page on This page is written using Vermeer Technology's FrontPage (pre-Microsoft acquisition) on a (real, not virtual) 80386DX 33MHz running Windows for Workgroups 3.1.1. I'm using FrontPage from that era because I figure it will generate a home page that this computer (the 386), the Amiga 2000, and the Mac SE/30 can all pull up without any problems, using period appropriate tags. That is to say, I was too lazy to research what those tags might be so I could manually write the page in a standard editor. Fortunately, the fellas running SDF have not yet jumped on the ssl bandwagon to the point where they're forcing all of their user pages to be under ssl as well. This is good, because these early-but-internet capable machines are not quite up to handing https.

Frequently Asked Questions - These questions are not really frequently asked, I just wanted to try out this template and see how compatible it was with some of the older browsers.

Nozin' Aroun' - This is my gopher space, Nozin' Aroun', a gopher space for young adults, made by young adults, and concentrating on all the subjects that young adults are interested in.

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Sorry, SDF peoples, I had to remove your PNG file. My 30 year old computer didn't know how to handle it. :/

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