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Hello. My name is Anton McClure. I am a Dell-certified IT Services intern that works for the University of Akron's Information Technology Services. My work currently involves computer repairs, customer support, along with other duties as assigned. I am also a student at the College of Engineering and Polymer Science, where I study Computer Information Systems for the programming degree option.

I have interests besides computing and technology. I am also interested in puns, writing poetry, haiku, and stories, listening to and making music, the Roman Catholic Church and its history and traditions, Tridentine Masses, and cats, among several other things.

Here is my Curriculum Vitæ in HTML form.

I've been an SDF ARPA member since 26 Mar 2023, and I plan on becoming a MetaARPA member eventually, in order to support the services I use daily, and the community those things are surrounded by.

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May Coco Bean rest in peace.
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