Here be haiku, and maybe dragons.

[ New haiku are added at the bottom of this list. ]

From the puns page introduction:

Paragraph's for fun,
but it's indeed not a pun.
It's just a haiku.


First five syllables,
Second seven syllables,
Third five syllables.

Four Doors:

Four paths you could take,
open doors, may be mistake,
choices make the difference.

Overwhelming Realm:

Entered their realm,
a place which will overwhelm,
you're not at the helm!

Eternal haiku writing:

When you start writing,
creativity flowing,
forever haiku.

Red Dragon:

Behold, the dragon,
known by an evil title:
the "tax evader"!

Defense of the Battle Turnip's Holder:

I'm going to melt,
so with this turnip, I'll pelt,
revenge shall be dealt.

Next university term

The next term begun
on August 22nd.
I wish you good luck!

Anton McClure / asm@sdf.org