Cell Phone Apps - Java Midlet - Games - Media. posted: 5/20/09 updated 8/10/10

Text me if you successfully install any of these apps. I need feedback.

Video Player    

A video player for your Java enabled phone. Older versions of the J2ME will lock up a device while video is downloading. Try a small file to start. Jar file installed is 22K.

Bluetooth Communicator    

Sends and receives text files to other bluetooth devices nearby.

Bluetooth Encoder    

Sends and receives text files plain or encoded to other bluetooth devices nearby with the same app loaded.


Do you like numbers? Do you like mind numbing thinking games? MasterMind was a game that was popular in the seventies? Based on a series of historic versions, one player would hide four different colored pegs in hidden holes while the other player would guess the sequence. The guesser would only be told if he had a correct or near correct guess until the sequence was solved. There used to be a real handy little pocket version that was popular back in the seventies when we craved portable devices that weren't invented yet. Here's a version for your PDA. 8K


One of the first high tech games around, back in the seventies, was Simon. It came out just a little after Pong as people were enamoured with electronic games. Simon was as close as most of us could get to the expensive video consoles down at the arcade palaces and that were also just starting to appear on those expensive home computer gadgets. The game was mindless and yet it exercised the memory. Great excuse for playing an enjoyable game. Here's a version I hope you enjoy. 3K


Blackjack. Incomplete but playable. Source code available. Further development upon request. 105K


All files compiled without a commercial key. They will only have Java 'sandbox' access. They can run but they can't store a file on your device, except in audio and video directories already set up, stock, on your device.