Mike Protts has been working in the IT industry since 1987, with experience of all sizes of computers, from mainframes to smartcards. His main focus has been on server programming, with security a key area.

Mike is an enthusiastic supporter of free and open source software, and has made minor contributions to a number of projects, including Regina Rexx (including RexxUtil and Rexx/CURL packages and a service wrapper for Rexx on Windows), cURL, libssh2, Magic Mail Monitor, ePiX, PuTTY, OpenSSL and vsftpd.

For information on some of Mike's work, see the courses page.

Mike is working on a new course designed to teach secure server programming techniques. This will be constructed around examples of both good and bad programmes, with a variety of languages used. Although aimed at current programmers, the course will still be suitable for beginners, with a number of optional activities aimed specifically at new programmers.