Gimme a break 2014-10-29

I feel like I need a retreat from the distractions of the internet and I wonder if this site is a way to make that happen. I've taken up playing a turn-based cellphone game recently and it's reminding me of playing MUDs in college and the point where I decided that I wanted to do more with my life than flip 1s and 0s inside a computer. I need a similar insight into reddit and youtube, I think.

I also need to learn to apologize.

Hi internet October 22, 2014

I feel like this should be some sort of homage to the early web. This afternoon I browsed across my first usenet post (I was a late user) and my first homepage on the web. Such youth, such vigor and vitality. Where is it today?

I've been subjected to a lot of drama lately, and I wonder why people go looking for drama where there was none before. Is it ignorance of the ways to avoid drama, or a (un)conscious desire to create excitement? In either case, please leave me out of it.


1978, husband and father, teacher, citizen. Live and let live.

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