Hardware 🛠

Grokking verilog - building a verilog parser, formatter, gate-level synthesis!

Jade2hdl - a schematics to HDL compiler.

Static Discipline Demo - the abstraction of combinational logic

Package Switching Network - (2014) a system for p2p quadcopter delivery

Mushroom gill projector - pixel component for no-goggle 3D display

CellPU - starlogo inspired parallel CPU

Software 🐞

Halcyon- (2014) haskell based window environment with a lisp

Multicellular automata - (2016) exploration into cell heirarchies

How robots will move snow - Algorithm for efficient snow removal

Fireline - visualizing voice pitch for tonal languages.

Yarnpath - a simple puzzle game

Quicklish - a compact representation for English

Golang wrappers for SFML - (2012) wraps a video game library for go programmers

Implementing malloc - link to malloc.



Ultrasound Icecream - can icecream be made without churning?

Nano Peltier - nanoscale peltier cooling for superconducting pockets?

Reversibility in double slit experiment - Is the experiment reversible?

Silent quadcopters for urbia?


gamut equilizer for color blind display?

some sun glasses were release recently which filter certain frequency that allow people with some forms of color blindness to see more normally. Why not use that principle to balance the gamut on computer displays? look into source for redshift, to see what they're doing.

Auto-rewrite unit tests? - is it possible for machines to rewrite unit tests during a redesign?

Screaming fast regex using hash maps as underlying sequence?

explore this later. Map Char (Set (Array Index)) explore this later, but the idea is loading the string into a map would take \(O(n)\), but then $O(1) for any single char lookup on indices.


Compass Vectors - <N, S, E, W> [2018-10-04 Thu 09:50]

these are useful for CellPU, not sure how they work, but they are defining relative cell offsets. So, a 4D discrete vector embedded in 2-space.

Projection of adjacency matrix? - what happens to the graph?

Block Decomposition - a grid puzzle

Moire manifolds? - plain weave curtains generating functions?

General algebraic irreducibility

The idea with that, prime numbers are numbers that are irreducible on naturals under multiplication, but generally \(X∊S\) are irreducible for S under some \(*\)? Things that just can't be reduced in some circumstances, seems to pop up all over the place.

Stereo Spheres volumetric projection with nested shell stacking

stereographic projection for filled spheres

Huffman coding of cyanobacteria base pairs subsequences?

Would that huffman tree highlight any important structures?


Opportunity of Scale?


Digital Learning

Facet Demos - comprehension with different views on a complex system

Video navigation implications - inferences from pausing, repeating and jumping?


Doodles 📝

Scalable paths - an approach for laying out variable width network paths.

Heirarchical jigsaw - puzzleception

Music 🎼


No, really what are chord changes‽ chords aren't quite vectors…


Here's a rule based search tool for exploring the space of chord changes which attempts to answer the question: The current chord is X, what chord should follow X? The user specifies predicate for the next chord, like "No 11th chords" or "Only chords with less than 4 notes" or "Shares at least 2 notes with previous two chords".

Author: Derek Rhodes

Created: 2018-10-15 Mon 12:43