The Web is not the Internet

There's nothing here yet. Perhaps later. For now, if you want to contact me, you can e-mail me, but my address uses a complex system involving a blacklist and a whitelist, and if you're not on either of those lists, there are two ways to e-mail me. The first is to add a tag to my address like this:

unicorn+{tag goes here}
The curly braces and everything in between must be replaced by an approved tag. The plus is not part of the tag, but must be included if you're using a tag. If you're in my whitelist, you don't need the plus or the tag.

The other way to e-mail me is to whitelist yourself, and then you can leave out the plus and the tag. To whitelist yourself, all you have to do is make sure my first and last name appear in the "To:" line of the headers of your message, along with the untagged address. If you can't do it manually, you may need to add my name and address to your contacts to get it done automatically. Otherwise, you'll just have to use a tag. The one below will work, but is subject to change, so don't add it to your address book or contact list. If you don't know my name, use the tag.

Currently valid e-mail tag (guaranteed to work for at least 24 hours): ax29