Home Page of Yargo HB9KNS

I am no longer much interested in publishing stuff about myself. If you want to know more about me, ask.

Therefore this page only serves as starting point for getting into contact, and to link to other stuff I am involved with.


There is going on more in my gopher hole than on my website. If you have a crippled (gopher-incapable) browser, try the Floodgap gopher gateway.

Amateur radio HB9KNS

Please have a look at my log and activities page!

(Yes, it is hosted elsewhere, but what the heck — if necessary, I can set it up here in an instant, as it's just a static site backupped in several other places.)

Source Code

Info about Git repositories of my public coding projects can be found in the gits directory of my main website.

How to reach me