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We will not tolerate *ANYONE* who violates our acceptable use policy.  Because
we are a public service we must remain as open as possible.  However, we do
take strict measures to ensure that a virtually anonymous user can not misuse
our systems.

Here is a list of features our systems possess in order to enforce our AUP:

* monitored and archived logfiles (do you run identd?)
* limited socket allocation (outbound connections are restricted by gid)
* validation mechanism and membership levels for *trusted* priviledges
* 'watch dog' process dynamically writes firewall rules against malicious hosts
* dynamically updated list of known open relays and spam servers

If you have received unsolicited email directly from our systems OR
someone has sent/posted a message which REFERENCES an email address or URL
associated with our organisation, please email the entire message (including
SMTP or NNTP headers and/or logfiles with your timezone information) to

We will promptly act to resolve the issue and you may or may not receive a
response from us.  In nearly 99.9% of the cases we investigate, we discover
that SPAM does not originate here, but rather we are only REFERENCED as a
reply address or as a REDIRECT URL.

Please understand our position and role as a non-profit community service.
We will respond quickly remedy the situation and pass on information to the
offender's down stream provider(s)

©1987-2065 SDF Public Access UNIX System, Inc. 501(c)(7)
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