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     A 'shell' is how you interact with the 'kernel'.  The kernel is the
     software that translates your commands into instructions that the 
     hardware (machine) can understand.  The origin of the word 'shell' 
     actually comes from MULTICS, which UNIX attempts to mimic.

     /bin/sh             Stephen Bourne's Shell 
     /bin/csh            A shell with a C-like syntax
     /bin/ksh            David Korn's Shell  (default)
     /usr/pkg/bin/bash   GNU's Broken Again SHell
     /usr/pkg/bin/tcsh   BBN TENEX Shell .. Not quite like EXEC
     /usr/pkg/bin/rc     PLAN 9 'Run Commands' Shell
     /usr/pkg/bin/zsh    Paul Falstad's Shell

     The best thing to do is read up on the shell using the 'man'
     command.  You can run the shell by just executing it.  When
     you are sure you really want to change to that shell you:

     TELNET to 'ol.freeshell.org' to run password/shell maintenance.

     Note, you can ssh into 'tty.freeshell.org' to encrypt your
     session before your telnet to 'ol.freeshell.org'


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