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     All software requests can be made via the  'bboard'.
     Check the 'software' command to see what is already installed. 
     Once your request is made, installation should occur within the
     same day.  Sometimes multiple packages must be updated, so please
     be thoughtful and patient.

     Please note ImageMagick, as do many other packages, uses X11
     libraries.  The X11 system is restricted to MetaARPA members only.  

     It is very helpful to point out where obscure software packages 
     might be located if they aren't already included in NetBSD pkgsrc.
     If porting needs to occur, please be extra patient and consider 
     making a donation prior to the software being ported.

     Requesting "XYZ" be installed usually will result in non-action.  
     Its best to explain what the software is and what you'll be using
     it for.  That way other users reading the thread can understand 
     what you are asking for as well.


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