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     This is probably #1 FAQ regarding SDF hosted web sites.
     We use suEXEC and suPHP.  What this means is that the tools
     you have access to under your SDF membership are the tools
     you can use in your website scripting.

     To make use of SSI, be sure to use .shtml as your filename

     Need to see php options?  Create a file called 'test.php'
     in your web directory, and put the following inside:

     Don't forget to run 'mkhomepg -p' afterwards to set the
     proper permissions.  Display results in web browser pointed
     at "http://.sdf.org/test.php".

     How about CGI?
     CGI scripts ARE allowed.  Giving a detailed tutorial is
     beyond the scope of this FAQ, however, below are some rather
     simple examples:

     If you want to create a simple CGI, you don't need to use
     PERL, you can do it the UNIX way in ksh!  (PS, PERL != CGI)

     # My silly.cgi
     echo Content-type: text/html
     echo "my silly output"
     echo "

my silly hello world.

" To create powerful CGIs using LISP, you can use OpenLISP on SDF by simply: #!/usr/pkg/uxlisp/uxlisp -quiet ; ; My powerful.cgi ; (print "Content-type: text/html") (print) (print "my powerful output") (print "

my powerful hello world.

") For more information and a tutorial on using LISP on SDF for the web, see http://lisp-p.org While we don't directly support 'ASP' you can convert any ASP format file to a PHP file using 'asp2php' ------------------------------------------------------------ Yes, use the extension '.cgi' for a script to be executed by the webserver. You can run 'mkhomepg -p' to set proper file permissions after you have uploaded or created new files. Also, you don't need to keep scripts in a '.cgi-bin' directory; CGIs can be run from any directory within your web directory. Users are encouraged to educate themselves and take resposibility to ensure their web content is properly formed, secure and not using excessive system resources.


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