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Jun-91 What a mess! We were attempting to move SDF's innards from Ted's
case (top) to the blackcase (underneath) which Aaron Schmeidel had in
his garage. To the left you can see the original SDF-1 which is running
the original bulletin board system Ted wrote in BASIC for ProDOS. We used
this to communicate with users who were wondering why SDF wasn't running
UNIX but the old BBS. Behind the Apple ][e is a small pile of 300-1200bps
modems that served as our dialups. On the table near the monitor is a
package with 8mb of RAM which Daniel Finster purchased for $100 with funds
SDF made at the 'sidewalk sale' (historically it began in downtown Dallas
as a swap meet for HAM radio operators every first Saturday of the month. It
is now a very large event and still quite uncommercialised. Many hackers
and electronics enthusiasts make their living for the month this way). In
the lower right hand corner is Steve Linebarger's infamous 'smokey blue bag'.


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