[ SDF Public Access UNIX System .. Est. 1987 ]

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Here is what SDF looked like for 3 or 4 years of its life ultimately
expanding to 10 lines using three AST Four Port cards. (You do this by
using three IRQs and 10 addresses. Unfortunately because of the
limitation of the card, you can only get two 'standard addressed' COM ports
on the third card). The driver we used was the FAS (Final Asyncronous
Solution) serial driver.

There are three hard drives: A microscience 40mb 5.25" MFM drive, a
140MB XT1140 MFM drive and a 338mb miniscribe ESDI drive which was
donated by Steve Linebarger. There are four modems connected to the
system. Three were regular dialup lines, the fourth was used for our
UUCP connection. The dialups ran between 300 and 2400bps while the
UUCP connection ran at 19.2kbps (PEP). Astroboy guards the SDF reverently.


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