[ SDF Public Access UNIX System .. Est. 1987 ]

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SDF sits on top of two brown milk cartons in Apt 331-D. It has 5 telephone
lines and here you can see our first 9600 bps dialup modem (a Supra) sitting
on top of the UUCP Telebit Trailblazer Plus modem. There are three other
dialups behind the floppy box which run between 1200-2400bps. The drive
configuration is 338mb ESDI (Miniscribe) for /usr, /u and /tmp, 120mb MFM
(Maxtor) for /news and 40mb MFM (Microscience) for /. The console is monochrome
CGA. You can see a VGA display behind SDF which was donated, but could not
be used due to heavy burn in.


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