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This is basically our main setup up until about 1997. This picture was
taken at the VCF 6.0 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View,
October 12th, 2003. We won first place in the minicomputer class.
From left to right, there is an AT&T 705MT terminal, an AT&T 3B2/XM with
three 155MB disk drives on top of an AT&T 3B2/500 with a 120MB tape drive
and a 155MB drive. The disks were ESDI and used an EMULEX converter to
use the SCSI host adapter. Above the XM is a set of UNIX System V 3.2 manuals
and a prototype 24MHz WE32200 CPU, WE32201 MAU, WE32206 MMU System Board.
To the right is another AT&T 705MT with a time line documenting SDF's history
above it followed by a copy of "Maxicomputer in Microspace", my father's Bell
Labs issued K&R 'C programming' and a TeleType 5620 Dot Mapped Display Terminal
(see 1997 for more details on the DMD). The game is 'mazewar'.

(The TeleType DMD 5620 aka the BLIT/JERQ)


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